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Literature Survey

Here, users can obtain brief information from primary studies. The following steps should be taken in order to obtain the relevant information: Users can choose from several different criteria.
  • The first selected criteria address the information from the dependent variables. After choosing a variable from the "dependent variable" box, click on the “select a variable” icon to display the 1st level of a variable.
  • After the variable is displayed, a check box and a +/- that can be selected will appear to the left of the variable.
  • If a general query is needed, the box can simply be checked, then another variable will be displayed for selection.
  • After all of the desired variables are selected, click “query” located at the bottom of the page.
  • Alternatively, if a more detailed query is desired, click on the +/- and the system will offer a 2nd level containing sub-variables. Each sub-variable can be broken down further into a 3rd level containing even more specific variables if needed by clicking on their respective +/- .
  • Before searching, do not forget to check the boxes to the left of the desired variables. The box of a 1st level variable cannot be selected if its 2nd level sub-variables have been opened, and likewise, a 2nd level sub-variable cannot be selected if its 3rd level sub-variables have been opened.
  • However, if the 3rd level sub-variables of a 2nd level sub-variable have been opened, separate 2nd level sub-variables can still be selected.
  • If a user wants to return to a general query, the sub-variable must be closed by clicking its respective +/- .
  • Next to every variable is a “clear” icon that can be selected to reset the search.
  • More criteria such as Author, Journal Name, etc. can be found below. The dependent variables are in order to narrow the search.
  • After selecting all of the desired variables, select the “query” icon to create a table that displays the explanatory variables with their respective sign and significance.
  • Another row of sub-variables can be opened by selecting the +/- next to each variable.
  • By clicking any of the displayed variables or sub-variables, a set of tables containing the names of the relevant studies will appear at the top of the page.
  • To view the summary of a paper, select a paper name and click “Display Summary”.
  • To view the original study, select a paper name and click “Display Study”.
  • To hide the set of tables, click “Hide” at the top of the page.

Abbreviations are used frequently throughout the Excel files. The list of abbreviations can be found under the “Abbreviations” tab located at the top left of this web page.

individual option

to get the the summary results about a specific study, please choose a paper and click the search button